Doctor Foster creator on finale: ‘Gemma hiding big secret!’

Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett has teased viewers that Gemma is hiding a big secret and that they're still to truly see what the vengeful GP is capable of!

Doctor Foster creator Mike Bartlett has teased that viewers that Gemma is hiding a secret and that viewers are still to truly see what the vengeful GP is capable of!

Speaking to TV Times, Mike also wouldn’t confirm that there will be a third series of the BBC1 hit, which stars Suranne Jones. But, Mike revealed that the finale might see Gemma’s shocking behaviour go into overdrive.

“Series two has been about all out war and people in an extreme situation,” said Mike. “By the time it gets to the final episode you have travelled such a long way from episode one, you wouldn’t imagine where we get to. Perhaps we haven’t seen the full extent of what Gemma is capable of. I always feel with Gemma that she is holding something back, even from me, and there is a secret she knows that I don’t know…”

Asked about the prospects of a third series, Mike replied: “That kind of depends on what happens in the finale so you will have to wait and see! That’s all I can say…”

The award-winning writer, though, did express hopes that he will get to work with Suranne again. “I’d love to, maybe on a play. She’s brilliant and she can do anything. Gemma does quite dark strange things but the audience still really cares about her and wants to stick with her and that is a real testament to the magic Suranne has got as an actor.”

Meanwhile, fans of Mike’s work will be pleased to know he’s working on two big dramas.

“I’ve written an ITV psychological thriller called Trauma [starring John Simm and Adrian Lester] and it’s about two fathers, one whose son is stabbed and the other the trauma surgeon who gets the blame when the boy dies… Then I have a BBC1 show about to start filming [with David Suchet and Charlotte Riley] called Press, which is about a tabloid and a broadsheet newspaper and how they cover the same stories. It’s a brilliant time to write about an industry where nobody knows what is going to happen and fake news is everywhere.”

Doctor Foster concludes on Tuesday on BBC1 at 9.00pm.

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