•    ‘Most’ of cast returning

    •    ‘Continuation’ of story

    •    Filming starts September

More than 10 million of us tuned in to see scorned GP Gemma Foster’s private life implode in spectacular fashion in last year’s unforgettable finale of hit BBC1 drama Doctor Foster.

We’ve since been promised a second series with ‘explosive twists’, dealing with ‘what happens to a woman after divorce, when deceit and revenge have taken their toll.’

But what could possibly happen next?

We have our own theories (click here for TV Times’ six ideas for shocking storylines), and this week we tracked down star Suranne Jones to ask her what she knows…

‘I can’t say much, only that most of the original cast are returning,’ Suranne tells TV Times Online.

‘It’s not going to be a whole new ball game, it’s a continuation of Gemma and Simon’s story, but it’s a different stage in their life.’

Which would suggest that Gemma’s cheating husband Simon (played by Bertie Carvel), who was last seen living a separate life with his pregnant mistress, is still on the scene?

‘Yes he is – as far as I know, that’s the plan,’ confirms Suranne.

The Scott & Bailey star admits she had her doubts about signing up for a second series.

‘Our writer Mike Bartlett said he didn’t want to end it where he had stopped, he wanted to look at how their lives would be affected by the drama of what had happened, but I was a bit reticent at first.’

‘It was so successful, I just wondered what the hook would be to keep people coming back to this relationship.

‘Then I went out for dinner with Mike and the team and they told me what they had planned. I thought it sounded great, and actually like something we haven’t explored in a couple before, so I said yes and we start filming in September.’

Suranne will be an Associate Producer on the hotly anticipated second series, which will once again air on BBC1. TV Times and millions of others cannot wait!