TV presenter Dominic Littlewood has responded to his axing from Strictly Come Dancing by alleging that the judges rig the dance-off result.

Littlewood danced off against John Barnes in the hit BBC one reality show on Sunday and, according to the Daily Mirror, was unhappy at the manner of his departure.

“If I’m still here next week I can tell you what my score will be,” he told the judges after he was again awarded 25 out of 40 on Saturday night.

Later, he said: “I knew I’d be out after I said that. My performance was almost flawless and I still got 25. Matt Di Angelo stumbled and got 32.

“But I was quite happy to go. I didn’t want to stay in a circus like that. We were puppets and they’re just pulling the strings and you’re dancing around and they come up with their stupid comments.”

Littlewood alleged that the judges, apart from Len Goodman, decide their votes after watching the dress rehearsals, then they work on their, often biting, comments.

“There’s no way they come out with those comments off the cuff.”

A BBC spokesman denied this, however. “The judges score solely on the live show.”