DON’T MISS! HUGE shock twist heading for favourite Walford couple in TONIGHT’S EastEnders

There's drama heading for EastEnders tonight as Mel follows Ray after digging for more dirt on his secret double life. But what will she unearth?

EastEnders favourite Mel Owen could have have her world torn apart once again when she follows ex husband Ray Kelly after a night out.

We have known that Ray has a secret life for a while now, but it is only recently that Mel has started doing some digging on her ex, trying to find out exactly what games he has been playing.

Mel waits for Ray

Mel was stood up by Ray yet again yesterday

Mel was shocked to discover Ray was married with a young son, something that he just happened to forget to tell her about when they were reunited after he arrived in the Square back in September.

But Mel hasn’t let on that she knows, pretending to go along with his lies every time says he’s off to work – knowing that he is actually with Maddie and Jake.

But with a New Year wedding on the cards, Mel has got the ultimate plan to stitch cheating Ray up once and for all – until tonight’s dramas throws her entirely off course.

EastEnders Mel Owen meets Maddie Wright

Mel meets up with Maddie in the club tonight, which leads to her making a shock discovery

Tonight will see Mel go on another night out with new friend Maddie after Ray has ditched her for work once again. But if Maddie and Mel are together on their girls night, where is Ray?

Knowing he is up to something shady, Mel manipulates information from Ray’s wife, finding out the name of his local. She then heads off to the pub to do some detective work, but nothing can quite prepare Mel for what she is about to discover…

What will Mel find out about her soon-to-be husband that she doesn’t already know?

And just how many skeletons are there in Mr Kelly’s closet?

EastEnders airs these scenes tonight at 7.30 on BBC One. 

Picture credits: BBC