DOUBLE DEATH shock heading for Emmerdale next week?

There's tragedy heading for Emmerdale village...

Next week’s Emmerdale will see two village residents facing death… but who will be found dead?

The week gets off to a tragic start when Manpreet’s patient Derek suddenly dies, and it soon transpires that Rishi is inadvertently to blame for his demise.

In a shocking turn of events, Derek starts to feel unwell after eating some of Rishi’s chocolate samples and he isn’t the only one to find himself feeling queasy.

Derek falls ill in Emmerdale

There’s shock in the village when Derek falls ill after eating Rishi’s chocolates (Picture: ITV)

David is also feeling the effects of the chocolate samples that he has been handing out at his shop, but while David manages to get better, sadly the same can’t be said for Derek who suddenly dies from salmonella poisoning.

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Rishi soon finds himself in trouble with environmental health and he starts to panic that his attempts to get the Sharma business empire back off the ground have only left his family in more trouble than ever.

Derek falls ill in Emmerdale

Derek’s death will rock the Sharma family (Picture: ITV)

But poor Derek’s death isn’t the only tragedy heading for the village next week…

Tracy is also set to find out the truth about how her dad Frank really died when she works out Kerry and Amy are hiding something from her.

Suspicious Tracy searches Kerry’s room and finds passports and one-way tickets and demands answers… and the guilt is too much for Kerry who confesses to her crimes.

Tracy escapes in Emmerdale

There’s drama when Tracy works out the truth about the factory fire and confronts Kerry (Picture: ITV)

Tracy is left reeling that someone she counted as a friend caused her dad’s death and then covered it up… and she tries to escape the house to tell the police.

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But as she makes a run for it, Kerry races after her, only to fall and hit her head hard. Tracy turns around to see Amy standing over her mum’s unresponsive body… is Kerry dead?

Kerry falls and hits her head in Emmerdale

Is Kerry dead? (Picture: ITV)

Tracy is convinced that she has inadvertently killed Kerry, but does she have blood on her hands?

Could there be two deaths in the village in the same week?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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