Downton stars cast their eyes at BAFTA TV Awards

As Downton Abbey looks set to lord it over this year’s BAFTAS, TV Times TV Times magazine ask the stars what makes their show so very special and what to expect from their second series…

Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham)

“The public has embraced the show in a way that none of us ever predicted. It has been very gratifying.”

Brendan Cole (John Bates nominated for Best Supporting Actor)

“It is fantastic. I am personally thrilled, and delighted for the show. If I win a BAFTA and then Manchester United beat Barcelona at Wembley in the Champions League final, it would probably go down as the most thrilling week of my life! I particularly love the relationship and unspoken history between him and Lord Grantham. They have such great stoicism and the stiff upper lip, which is so typical of men of that extraordinary generation. Plus the romance that developed between Bates and Anna was so delicate and subtle.”

Joanne Frogatt (Housemaid Anna)

“I’ve got lots of favourite scenes from series one, but one of my top moments would be when the audience found out that it was Lady Edith who had informed the Turkish Embassy about Lady Mary’s night with Mr Pamuk. It was just so unexpected. Even though I had read the script, I was outraged when I saw it on screen – I love the relationship between the warring sisters!”

Siobhan Finneran (Lady Grantham’s maid Sarah O’Brien)

“I love the servants dining room scenes as there is always so much going on between them, yet they still have to work together for the good of the house. They’re the real family for me, because they are literally at each other’s throats one minute, yet pulling together the next. Also, we had a scream doing them because we all get on so well.”

Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley)

“One of the great things about the second series is that, without trying too hard, you have this epic situation that is changing all the characters. We will see how the war is touching everybody’s lives in so many different ways. I’ve never been in something watched by so many people. I suppose there is a bit of anxiety, the expectations that it will be as good. But having seen the scripts that I have seen, they are as good if not better than last year…”

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