Laura Carmichael, alias Lady Edith, tells TV Times magazine what’s in store at Downton Abbey this Christmas…

Hi Laura! We’re still traumatised from last year’s Christmas special where Matthew Crawley died – tell us there’s not another death!

“We couldn’t do it to the audience two years in a row on Christmas Day, it would be too much. it’s not quite so shocking this time!”

The special is set in the summer of 1923 and it’s a big episode for Lady Edith! She’s scandalously pregnant out of wedlock…

“It’s now nine months later and Edith has just come back from Switzerland with Rosamund where she had a baby daughter. Rosamund brilliantly stepped in and saved the day, but once she has the baby the mist clears and she starts to think, ‘What do I want?’.”

What was it like acting opposite Shirley MacLaine again?

“It was so fabulous and to get the chance to work with Paul Giamatti too. You have to pinch yourself that these two actors are on set!”

Downton’s returning for a fifth series next year isn’t it?

“Yes, it’s really exciting, but we’re the last to ever know what’s going to happen!”

Will you be watching the show this Christmas?

“I do enjoy watching the bits I’m not in. I love to see what Jim Carter and Phyllis Logan have been doing.”

Downton Abbey can be seen on Christmas Day at 8.30pm on ITV.