Drama in Home and Away as THIS shock betrayal leads to danger

There's trouble heading for Ryder Jackson in today's Home and Away...

Home and Away’s Ryder Jackson is set to betray his family, leading to devastating consequences for a vulnerable Bella Nixon.

The trouble starts when Ryder decides he is going to throw a party to celebrate finishing his exams in today’s trip to Summer Bay (6pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson

Ryder is pressured into buying booze for his party at the Caravan Park (Picture: Channel 5)

But while Alf and Roo Stewart are happy to let him be the adult that he is and prove that he’s a responsible 18-year-old, their rules of no loud music and no alcohol fall on deaf ears.

When Ryder’s friends tell him that their beer supplier has fallen through, he suggests that maybe they should have the party without alcohol, but his friends think he’s joking and put pressure on him to buy the beer seeing as he’s the only one who has turned 18 in the group.

Ryder is reluctant at first, but eventually uses his job at Salt to get his hands on two crates of beer, and soon the party is in full swing.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon

Troubled teenager Bella Nixon decides to drown her sorrows and get drunk (Picture: Channel 5)

But one person who is definitely not 18 at the party is Bella.

The teenager is struggling after hearing from Irene that she will have to testify in court against her attacker Tommy if Irene is to have any chance of getting a lenient sentencing.

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The thought of seeing Tommy again is too much for Bella and she decides to accept Colby’s invitation to a quiet night in, hoping their pizza and a chat will help her get her head straight.

But when Ryder hints that Colby would probably rather be spending the evening with his new girlfriend Mackenzie, Bella reluctantly agrees to go to his party instead.

Home and Away, Bella Nixon

Bella’s on a mission… what could possibly go wrong?! (Picture: Channel 5)

However once there, Bella spots the beer and decides that a drink is just what she needs to take her mind off her problems.

Ryder sees her drinking and knowing that she is underage, as well as the fact she is the sister of the local police officer, he begs her to stop.

But will she listen? Or is Ryder’s party about to get seriously out of hand? 

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