Dropped One Show presenter gets Radio 4 job

Hardeep Singh Kohli has landed a new BBC job, despite being dropped from The One Show for six months after ‘stepping over the mark’ with a female researcher.

Kohli is presenting a five-part afternoon show called Tea And Biscuits on BBC Radio 4 this week.

In July, it emerged that he had been removed from BBC One’s weekday evening programme for six months after the researcher lodged a complaint about his behaviour two months previously.

Kohli previously said he had apologised “unreservedly” for his behaviour after being hauled before bosses.

He said: “Nobody has accused me of sexual harassment.”

A BBC Radio 4 spokeswoman said that Kohli had not been banned from The One Show but has taken a “mutually agreed leave of absence” from the programme, on which he has been a roving reporter.

She said: “This does not include his work for Radio 4.”

Since being taken on as a trainee for the corporation in Scotland, Kohli has appeared in a number of other programmes, including Famous, Rich and Homeless.

Kohli is examining British culture in the radio show, including visiting a blood donation centre and a vicar and his parishioner.

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