Duncan bids 5000 pounds for Beatrice’s wedding hat

Duncan Bannatyne has kicked off the bidding on eBay for the bizarre hat worn by Princess Beatrice at last month’s Royal Wedding.

The entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den star offered the £5,000 starting price for the flamboyant Philip Treacy creation, which is being auctioned for charity.

Bannatyne, a Unicef UK ambassador, said: “Whatever anyone thinks of the hat it’s fantastic that Princess Beatrice is doing this for Unicef and Children in Crisis. Good for her!

“I’ve seen the life-saving work that Unicef does for children in Bolivia and Haiti and every penny raised really will change children’s lives around the world.

“I’d encourage everyone to get bidding to raise as much money as possible. For once I don’t mind if I don’t walk away with the deal.”

Anyone wanting to emulate Beatrice’s look has until May 22 to place a bid for what is billed as the ‘unique sculptural celebratory headpiece’.

The curious item has attracted derision, mirth and utter bafflement from Royal Wedding watchers, who have compared it to a Turkey Twizzler, a toilet seat and a giant pretzel.

It has even inspired its own Facebook page, with a following of almost 5,300 people.

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to Unicef and Children in Crisis, with the money to be split 50-50 between them.

But Bannatyne has since been out-bidded by someone pledging £5,200.

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