Citadel DVD cover

With the help of a priest (James Cosmo) who has lost his faith and a blind orphan, young widower Tommy (Aneurin Barnard) must overcome his agoraphobia to take on the gang of feral kids that brutally attacked his pregnant wife in a condemned tower block and have now kidnapped his baby daughter, Elsa. But who – or what – are these faceless hoodies, and why do they want Elsa?

Aneurin Barnard in Citadel

Set in a bleak urban landscape, covered in snow, Citadel is a bit of a grim chore to sit through, but Aneurin Barnard’s effective performance as victim-turned-hero Tommy makes the journey worthwhile. And while it does have a strong David Cronenberg’s The Brood vibe, director Ciaran Foy, manages to come up with some suitably subtle scares that certainly creep up on you.

Out on DVD from 30 September 2013 from Metrodome