DVD review | Cosplayers UK: The Movie | Finding your inner superhero just needs a little imagination

Cosplay UK The MovieEver heard of Cosplay? Well, its short for ‘costume play’ and is a type of performance art in which participants dress up and role play characters from their favourite fantasy, anime, sci-fi or comic-book worlds.


Cosplayers UK – The Movie follows a group of cosplayers taking part in an annual comic con-style event in London. Directed by Strange Hill High co-creator Ed Hartwell and Johnnie Oddball (When London Sleeps It Came Alive), this fan-made doco might be a bit rough around the edges, made up of a handful interviews and lots of shots from the event’s cosplay parades, but the amazing costumes on display are amazing. And while it could have done with some more polished editing here and there, it remains a colorful insight into a world where anyone can become their own comic book hero just with a little imagination and where being different is a badge of acceptance.

Cosplayers UK – The Movie is out now on DVD in the UK from ISIS Entertainment
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