DVD review | Cowboys & Aliens – James Bond & Indiana Jones take on outer space critters

COWBOYS AND ALIENS - Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford

Daniel Craig is the rugged gunslinger with an extraterrestrial secret and Harrison Ford the ruthless cattle baron who’s his worst nightmare, but not for long, in an outlandish Western/sci-fi mash-up which does exactly what it says on the tin: pits cowboys against aliens for the weirdest frontier showdown you’ve ever seen.

The concept is so wild, it’s a shame Cowboys & Aliens doesn’t make more of it — all the inter-species shoot-outs get rather predictable, sadly — but given that the story was inspired by the cover art of a graphic novel, not its contents, it’s not all that surprising the plot doesn’t really hang together.

Still, Craig looks the part and you’ll probably have a blast watching James Bond and Indiana Jones strapping on six-shooters to take on hordes of ornery varmints from outer space.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday 26th December by Paramount Home Entertainment.


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