DVD review | Curandero: Dawn of the Demon | Robert Rodriguez’s Mexican indie is CSI with an occult twist

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When Satanic drug leader Castaneda (Gabriel Pingarrón) escapes from a Mexico City jail, leaving a trail of bloody corpses in his wake, federal agent Magdalena (Gizeht Galatea) calls on faith healer Carlos (Carlos Gallardo) to purify the station. But as the couple immerse themselves into the world of the occult, Carlos discovers Magdalena is the link to the bloodthirsty Castaneda gaining immortality. Can the doubting Curandero find the strength to save Magdalena’s soul before its too late?

Curandero Dawn of the Demon

This indie horror flick was made back in 2005. Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, based on a screenplay by Robert Rodriguez of Sin City and Machete fame (no relation BTW), it plays like CSI: Mexico drenched in buckets of blood and steeped in black magic.

While it’s a descent effort, with likeable performances from the two leads, ample amounts of action, a suitably macabre storyline and some nicely stylised Mexico City locations, it’s let down by the bleached out photography, poor sound and silly rubber suit monster. A few more pesos thrown at this might have yielded better results. Rodriguez’s next spookfest will be the forthcoming sequel to 2011’s Fright Night.

The DVD includes an audio commentary with director Eduardo Rodriguez and director of photography Jaime Reynoso.

Cert 18 | PAL Region 2 | In Spanish, with English subtitles

Released 20 May in the UK from Lions Gate Home Entertainment
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