DVD review | Dead Mine | The zombie action horror that’s in need of some action and horror

Dead Mine DVD cover

Rich dude Stanley (Sam Hazeldine) leads an expedition to an Indonesian island in the search of Yamashita’s Gold, a cache of treasure horded away by a Japanese general during World War II. But after becoming trapped in a disused mine, Stan and his treasure hunters are confronted by a platoon of zombified PoWs who have been kept alive for the past 70 years by a crazed Japanese scientist.

Dead Mine

This action horror from HBO Asia apes survival horrors likes Outpost and Descent, but isn’t in the same league. The film drags along for some 85-minutes as the ragtag group race about the mine (showing off their poor acting skills along the way), until the film’s climax, when the survivors face off with the zombies in the final minutes.

Dead Mine

Dead Mine lacks any action or horror, which is what I was expecting from director Steven Sheil, who helmed the superior 2008 slasher, Mum & Dad (check out my review here). Taking its cue from cult exploitation horrors like 1977’s Shock Waves and 1981’s Oasis of the Zombies, Dead Mine

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