DVD review | Detention – Quirky teen horror comedy is too cool for school

The Breakfast Club meets Scream in self-consciously quirky teen horror comedy mash-up Detention – with elements of Freaky Friday, Donnie Darko and a string of other cult movies thrown into the pot too as sassy misfit Riley (Shanley Caswell) tries to unmask the identity of a serial killer while also negotiating the usual hazards of high-school life. The film’s relentless cleverness does get a bit exhausting and it’s easy to lose track of the plot amid the blizzard of quick-fire pop-cultural references, but director and co-writer Joseph Kahn puts things together so skilfully that even a seemingly inconsequential debate about the relative merits of Patrick Swayze and Steven Seagal as action heroes (‘mullet beats pony-tail’) gets a satisfying pay off later on.

Released on DVD & Digital Download by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on Monday 27th August.

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