DVD review | Dream House – Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz’s suburban idyll turns creepy

Dream House - Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

Disowned by director Jim Sheridan and snubbed by stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, psychological thriller Dream House is clearly something of a wreck, yet watching the film provides glimpses of the better film the project might have been had it not been for interfering studio executives. Craig, for a start, is undeniably impressive in the tricky lead role. He’s a successful Manhattan publisher who moves to New England with his wife (Weisz) and two young daughters (played by sisters Claire and Taylor Geare), only to learn that their idyllic new home was the scene of a grisly triple murder some years before. From here on, increasingly creepy things start happening, putting Craig’s hero through an emotional and mental wringer that leads him to question his own sanity. It all gets very overheated by the end, but for Craig and Weisz the story has a real-life happy ending: Dream House was the film shoot during which the future spouses fell in love.

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Released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday 16th April by Warner Home Video.


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