DVD review | Hanna – Saoirse Ronan’s teen assassin targets Blanchett’s wicked witch in fairy-tale thriller

Hanna - Saoirse Ronan stars as the teen assassin

A young girl grows up in forest, raised alone by her father. But a wicked witch will stop at nothing to seize her. No, not a Brothers Grimm fairy-tale but Hanna, Joe Wright’s exhilarating action thriller about a 16-year-old girl trained by her father from infancy to be the perfect assassin. Rising star Saoirse Ronan pulls off the far-fetched role of teen-girl Jason Bourne and Eric Bana is impressively rugged as her ex-agent dad, while Cate Blanchett’s CIA official makes a suitably scary witch. Previously best known for his sumptuous lit flicks Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, Wright hammers home the fairy tale parallels for all they’re worth, yet even when the story is at its most outlandish, Ronan’s remarkable performance somehow allows you to believe in her pale-skinned, blonde-haired avenger.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Universal on 29th August.


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