Horrid Henry, rambunctious young hero of Francesca Simon’s best-selling children’s books and the CITV cartoon series, gets up to his usual mischief on screen in his first feature-film adventure, which sees the homework-hating scamp trying to win both a talent contest and a TV game show in order to save his primary school from closure – a wicked scheme cooked up by Richard E Grant‘s rival headmaster to drum up business for his private school.

It’s slapdash, knockabout stuff, filmed in eye-popping cartoony colours and with eye-popping cartoony acting to match. The adult stars (including Anjelica Huston and David Schneider) ham it up and the kids (led by Theo Stevenson‘s Henry) mug enthusiastically in school nativity play fashion amid fidgety, hyper-active camerawork that suggests the director has eaten too many blue Smarties.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday 28th November by Entertainment One.


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