DVD review | Keith Lemon: The Film – Lewd Lemon’s film debut leaves a sour taste

Comedian Leigh Francis’s seemingly ubiquitous TV character Keith Lemon, the mullet-haired, fake-tanned, would-be smooth Yorkshire businessman familiar from Bo’ Selecta!, Celebrity Juice, Lemon La Vida Loca etc etc, makes his big-screen debut with Keith Lemon: The Film – a crude, lewd and offensively unfunny comedy. Setting the bar for humour exceedingly low, Francis proceeds to limbo dance under it with a plot that finds Lemon becoming an overnight billionaire after launching a new mobile phone with a lemon on the back. Abandoning loyal girlfriend Rosie (Laura Aikman), who’s been kidnapped by psychotic debt collector Evil Steve (also Francis), Lemon lives it up in London until guardian angel Archimedes (Verne Troyer) finally gets him to see the error of his ways. Full of nauseatingly puerile penis-enlargement and bodily fluid gags, the film pads out its mercifully brief running time with witless cameos from the likes of David Hasselhoff, Jedward, Jason Donovan, Peter Andre and several Spice Girls. Kelly Brook features much more prominently and deserves a medal for gallantly subjecting herself at length to Keith’s smutty attentions.

Released on Blu-ray, DVD & Triple Play by Lionsgate UK on Monday 10th December.


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