DVD review | Lemonade Mouth – More fizzy, fresh and sugary high-school jinx from Disney


The Breakfast Club meets Glee as five high-school outcasts hook up in detention and form a band. With a big music competition in the offing, the new friends must get the better of the school’s sports-worshipping principal and some arrogant rivals before they can make themselves heard.

A huge hit in the US, Disney Channel teen musical Lemonade Mouth is predictably bland – you can’t imagine a more fresh-faced and squeaky-clean bunch of outsiders than this lot – and the problems they face are standard-issue stuff, but for the film’s target audience the performers and songs have enough fizz to hit the spot.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray on 26th September by Walt Disney. This extended edition includes extra scenes and a musical performance of Livin’ on a High Wire.