DVD review | Limitless – Bradley Cooper’s cocky charmer gives his brain a boost in mind-blowing thriller

Limitless - Bradley Cooper

What would you do if you could use 100% of your brain? That’s the dizzying prospect facing Bradley Cooper‘s struggling writer Eddie Morra after an old friend slips him a pill of NZT, a revolutionary – but dodgy – new brain drug in mind-blowing action thriller Limitless.

Now he can master foreign languages in a day, charm New York’s most beautiful women into bed and make gazillions on the stock market. The last feat swiftly attracts the interest of Robert De Niro‘s Wall Street mogul, but there are thugs at large who will stop at nothing to get hold of Eddie’s stash of NZT – and he’s just discovering its nasty side effects.

This fast-paced, hugely enjoyable thriller has an outlandish premise, but it’s not too far beyond the bounds of scientific possibility to trip up the plot. Director Neil Burger does a dazzling job of conveying Eddie’s supercharged mental capacity – when Eddie’s pepped-up on NZT the images really zing – and Hangover star Cooper hits just the right balance of cockiness and charm to ensure we’re still rooting for him when things turn bad.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Momentum Pictures.


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