DVD review | LOL – Miley’s txt-speak gets lost in translation

Disney princess Miley Cyrus, star of the Hannah Montana series, plays a stroppy Chicago teen at odds with single mom Demi Moore in LOL, a glossy but shallow Hollywood adaptation of the hit French film Lol: Laughing Out Loud. The original director, Liza Azuelos, is at the helm too, but the sass and spark of the French movie seems to have been lost in translation.

Cyrus’s Lola goes through the usual teen heartaches, including break-ups and make-ups with dreamy wannabe musician Kyle and clashes with high-school rival Ashley (Twilight’s Ashley Greene), while Moore’s mom contends with her own messy love life, courtesy of errant ex-husband Thomas Jane and handsome narcotics cop Jay Hernandez.

When she isn’t discharging a blizzard of texts and instant messages to her buddies, Lol mostly seems to be giving her long-suffering mother a hard time. Mom always forgives her, but Cyrus’s surprisingly charm-free performance means that anyone over the age of 17 will probably find her Lola to be a wheedling, whiny, sneaky, fibbing brat.

Released on DVD by Lionsgate UK on Monday 15th October.


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