In a bleak near future America that has been overrun by vampires, a grizzled loner (Nick Damici) takes a callow youngster (Connor Paolo) under his wing and teaches him the rules of survival in terrific indie horror thriller Stake Land.

As the pair make their way north to the promised refuge of ‘New Eden’, they pick up a handful of fellow survivors, a nun ((Kelly McGillis), a former Marine (Sean Nelson) and a pregnant singer (Danielle Harris), but the odds of them reaching safety are stacked against them.

Disguising a low budget with artful location shooting, director Jim Mickle and co-writer and star Damici have created a moody and unnerving film that infuses new blood to the vampire genre. The pace is deliberately measured, but when the action comes it does so in savage and bloody bursts.

Released on double-disc DVD & Blu-ray on 17th October by Metrodome. Stake Land is also currently available on demand on Sky Box Office and Filmflex


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