DVD review | Step Up 4: Miami Heat – New city, new moves for the flash-mobbing street dance crew

The Step Up franchise alights on a new city for the latest entry in the frothy dance movie series, Step Up 4: Miami Heat. The story is sappy and predictable: poor boy falls for rich girl; his friends and her dad disapprove. He’s Ryan Guzman’s street dancer Sean and she’s Kathryn McCormick’s wannabe contemporary dancer Emily, whose property magnate father wants to tear down the Miami waterfront neighbourhood where Sean’s dance crew, The Mob, have their home. So far, so familiar. But the dancing has a freshness and vibrancy that’s infectiously enjoyable. The Mob’s mission is to stage spectacular flash-mob dance routines, guerrilla performances that cause jaws to drop at such unexpected venues as an art museum and a city council meeting. Initially staged to win YouTube hits and then as protest, The Mob’s stunts are implausibly elaborate, but their eye-popping extravaganzas really do fizz with energy, invention and humour.

Released on Blu-ray & DVD by Universal Pictures on Monday 3rd December.


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