DVD review | The Cold Light of Day – Man of Steel Henry Cavill flexes his muscles in glossy spy thriller

Soon to be seen as Superman in the forthcoming Man of Steel, British actor Henry Cavill flexes his action-hero muscles in glossy but run-of-the-mill suspense thriller The Cold Light of Day. He’s a young American businessman who discovers that his supposed cultural attaché dad (Bruce Willis) is actually a CIA spy after kidnappers seize members of the family from their yacht in Spain. With less than 24 hours to save them, he has to tear around Madrid looking for a mysterious briefcase while evading dodgy cops, foreign spies and Sigourney Weaver’s shifty US agent. Verónica Echegui’s doe-eyed local girl is the only person he can trust and she turns out to be surprisingly connected to him. Yet even if Cavill’s bewildered hero is taken aback by successive turns of events, the viewer will probably see every twist coming. The Spanish locations look fabulous, though, and make a refreshing change from the usual familiar locations for espionage derring-do.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Entertainment One on Monday 10th September.


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