DVD review | The Great Gatsby – Baz Luhrmann gives F Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age classic hip-hop swagger

GatsbyBaz Luhrmann brings his trademark razzle-dazzle to this brash and glitzy screen version of F Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic tale of the mysterious, party-throwing millionaire obsessed with regaining his lost love, but if Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age classic is the Great American Novel, then Luhrmann’s 3D film is the pop-up-book version.

His cast, though, is spot on. Leonardo DiCaprio conveys Gatsby’s mix of romantic yearning and steely resolve; and Carey Mulligan, playing the object of his affection, totally nails Daisy’s vulnerability and shallowness. The storytelling is broadly faithful, too.

What’s missing is the tone. Fitzgerald’s glittering prose is pitch-perfect. Luhrmann gives us the swaggering, wildly anachronistic hip-hop of Jay-Z and Kanye West. For all the fizz he gives to the riotous party scenes at Gatsby’s opulent Long Island mansion, you get the feeling the champagne will taste flat.


Released on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on 11th November.

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