DVD review | The Grey – Liam Neeson’s alpha male leads the pack in gripping survival thriller

A survival thriller with teeth, The Grey pits Liam Neeson’s hardy sharpshooter against a pack of ravenous wolves in the frozen wastes of Alaska.

Neeson’s Ottway is the alpha male among a group of oil refinery workers who survive a plane crash in the wilderness, only to find themselves relentlessly hunted down by the wolves as they try to make their way to safety.

Director Joe Carnahan and his star previously teamed up for 2010’s spectacularly dumb A-Team remake, but they prove much more assured playing things straight here. Ottway and volatile rival Diaz (John Gillo) excepted, the dwindling survivors are sketchily drawn, but Neeson gives the film the muscular heft the genre needs and the snowbound setting is effectively chilling. Be sure to watch to the very end of the credits for the film’s final, hauntingly ambiguous shot.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray on Monday 21st May by EV.


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