DVD review | The Knot – Noel Clarke’s raunchy British wedding comedy misses the bouquet

Truly dire wedding comedy The Knot represents an all-time low in Noel Clarke‘s distinctly patchy big-screen career, yet as the film’s co-producer and co-star he only has himself to blame.

Based around the footage being shot for a wedding video, the film follows the misfortunes of groom Matthew McNulty and bride Talulah Riley, and their separate groups of male and female friends (Clarke plays the best man), as they struggle to get to the altar in one piece.

The fact that the wedding rings inevitably fall into a soiled toilet bowl gives you an idea of the film’s puerile, putrid humour, which aims to emulate the gross-out raunchiness of Bridesmaids but totally lacks the US film’s wit or charm.

Who knows how Clarke and his fellow producers managed to persuade American Beauty star Mena Suvari to appear – in the role of a bridesmaid with a secret- in this dross?

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Monday 4th February.


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