DVD review | The Resident

The Resident - Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilary Swank

Back from the dead, Hammer Films stalks the screen again with moderately creepy psychological horror thriller The Resident. Hilary Swank stars as a New York ER doctor who moves into a new apartment after a messy break-up. The flat is spacious and suspiciously cheap, and her new landlord (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is handsome and helpful. It would all be perfect, if only Swank’s doc didn’t have the feeling she was being watched. The Resident is atmospherically shot but the predictable script doesn’t supply enough twists to whip up truly nerve-jangling tension. Shame we don’t see more of Hammer veteran Christopher Lee’s sinister grandfather. His first words to Swank’s heroine are, “Sorry I scared you”. Debutant director Antii J Jokinen tries hard, but he can’t in all honesty say the same.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Icon Home Entertainment on 4th July.


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