DVD review | Tower Block – High-rise horror for bunch of loners, losers, thugs and chavs

An unseen sniper starts picking off the top-floor residents of a rundown London tower block in this lean low-budget thriller. The victims, the last in the block to be re-housed before it gets torn down for redevelopment, are a sketchily drawn bunch of loners, losers, thugs and chavs, and the shooter seems to bear them a lethal grudge for failing to come forward, three months earlier, when a youth was battered to death in the tower.  First-time directors James Nunn and Ronnie Thompson generate a fair amount of tension from their contrived setup, but their characters are such cardboard cutouts that it comes as a shock when the sniper’s bullets actually produce blood. Sheridan Smith, as resourceful blonde Becky, and Jack O’Connell, as small-time crook Kurtis, put the most life into the film’s ropey dialogue and make the biggest impression among the cast.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Lionsgate UK on Monday 18th February.


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