DVD review | Wanderlust – Paul Rudd & Jennifer Aniston discover the joys of hippie living

This good-humoured satirical comedy begins with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston’s stressed-out couple, George and Linda, fleeing New York after being hit by the recession (he’s lost his Wall Street job and HBO has turned down her documentary on penguins with testicular cancer). The prospect of staying in Atlanta with George’s obnoxious wealthy brother doesn’t appeal, so when the pair stumble upon hippie commune Elysium they decide to give the alternative lifestyle a go. The uptight duo soon begin to unwind, but with free love and hallucinogenic drugs among the communal pleasures on offer things quickly turn messy. Wanderlust takes its aim at some very broad targets so it’s no wonder that the film’s jokes tend to be blunt and obvious rather than rapier-sharp. But Rudd and Aniston’s characters remain likeable and there are colourful supporting performances from the likes of Alan Alda as the commune’s befuddled founder, Justin Theroux as its exploitative current leader and Joe Lo Truglio as the cheerful resident nudist.

Released on DVD & Blu-ray by Universal Pictures on Monday 25th June.


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