DVD review | World War Z – Fast-moving zombie plague has Brad Pitt on the run


Breaking from horror tradition, the zombies in apocalyptic action film World War Z move at breakneck speed rather than the familiar living-dead shuffle. That’s quite a shock for UN investigator Brad Pitt and family, who are stuck in traffic when the zombie epidemic strikes with stomach-lurching suddenness. But Pitt is no slouch, either. And he’s soon looking for answers to the plague, a frantic mission that takes him to South Korea, Jerusalem and – brace yourselves – Wales. (Look out for future Doctor Who Peter Capaldi, who in a bizarre coincidence plays a World Health Organisation or WHO doctor.) In terrifying scenes of chaos the zombies surge through gridlocked city streets and a tide of them overwhelms Jerusalem. The relentless pace means little time for subtext and hard-core horror fans may bemoan the lack of gore and the departures from Max Brooks’ source novel, but as an end-of-the-world movie, this delivers pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping excitement.


Released on DVD and Blu-ray by Paramount Home Entertainment on Monday 21st October.


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