Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans STUNNED after spotting THIS unexpected moment in tonight’s episode

We didn't have EastEnders favourite Chantelle Atkins down as a shoplifter!

While most people watching EastEnders tonight were left sickened after watching Chantelle Atkins have her arm broken by her abusive husband Gray Atkins, some fans were more concerned with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in the Minute Mart.

Not a lot gets past soap fans, and tonight they took to social media to joke that that’d spotted Chantelle appear to steal milk from Albert Square’s convenience store.

Chantelle in EastEnders

Chantelle was pleased to bump into Jags in the Minute Mart tonight (Picture: BBC)

The hilarious moment came after Chantelle returned home from her honeymoon with Gray and popped to the shop to get some milk.

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But as she went to pay, she bumped into her old school friend Jags Panesar and got chatting.

Chantelle in EastEnders

As the friends caught up, it looked like Chantelle forgot to pay for her shopping (Picture: BBC)

The pair were so deep in conversation about Jags and his brothers moving to the Square that when Chantelle offered to help her friend home with all his shopping, it looked like she totally forgot to pay for her milk.

Of course fans pointed out the funny moment on social media…

Sadly for Chantelle her day was about to take a sinister turn when Gray kept demanding that she take a pregnancy test to see if they were expecting a honeymoon baby.

But while Chantelle pointed out it was way too early to tell, Gray bought a pregnancy test anyway and demanded that she took it.

Chantelle in EastEnders

Chantelle might have unwittingly got free milk, but her day was about to take a sinister turn (Picture: BBC)

When the test came out negative, Chantelle told Gray they would have to try again next month. But Gray took her comment the wrong way and grabbed her wrist, causing her to twist away awkwardly.

But as Gray pulled Chantelle back towards him roughly, it was clear that he had done more than just sprained his wife’s wrist.

Chantelle in EastEnders

Gray grabbed Chantelle’s arm so hard it broke, leaving her in serious pain (Picture: BBC)

Chantelle was in a huge amount of pain and begged Gray to take her to hospital, but of course he was reluctant, knowing it would mean a lot of awkward questions would be asked.

Fans were horrified by the shocking turn of events and revealed their fears for Chantelle’s wellbeing, but could breaking her arm give Chantelle the chance to get help?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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