EastEnder Witts’ stunt bruises

EastEnders star David Witts has revealed filming stunt scenes for Joey and Lauren Branning’s crash left him bruised and aching.
Young lovers Joey and Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) are set to have a horrific car crash when Lauren drives while drunk, and just as they are struggling out of the wreckage, the car explodes.
David told Inside Soap magazine: “There were no mishaps, but we all ended up a little bit bruised. When you’re bursting with adrenalin, you don’t feel things at the time – but the next day we were sore!”
The actor even had a stunt double for some parts of the crash scenes.
He said: “It was really fun, but also quite difficult. It takes them half an hour to set things up for each take, so it can be hard to keep up the adrenalin to redo things.
“It’s quite strange to have a stunt double, but I thought he was a good match for me!”