New trailer reveals Albert Square residents are in for an explosive autumn!

And we can’t wait to watch it all unfold…

As we enter the final few months of the year, EastEnders producers are doing their usual and setting us up for a dramatic end of 2018 – starting with what looks like its most explosive autumn yet!

A brand new trailer has revealed all of the residents’ secrets look set to pour out, with news of Sharon and Keanu’s affair at risk of reaching her hot headed husband Phil.

Viewers have seen the unlikely couple grow close in recent weeks but, as we all know, illicit relationships tend to go only one way in Walford

And the new trailer suggests Keanu’s mum Karen will soon learn the identity of his older woman. But will she be able to protect her son from Phil’s temper?

Elsewhere on the Square, Ruby is seen opening up to Stacey about her experience with Matt and questioning whether or not she gave consent to sex with him.

But Stacey convinces her friend it was rape and to go to the police, and it’s not long before Matt is denying everything.

And it looks like Jean could be the one to expose Hayley, as she asks: ‘Is that Alfie’s baby?’


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