EastEnders boss reveals plot twist in store for THIS returning character

EastEnders has announced lots of familiar faces who will be making a comeback, and now Kate Oates has revealed exactly what's in store for Sean Slater...

It was recently announced that fan favourite Sean Slater would be making a long-awaited return to Walford, leaving EastEnders fans thrilled.

The last time we saw Sean Slater was back in 2009 when he drove himself, then wife Roxy Mitchell and her daughter Amy into a frozen lake on New Year’s Day.

Sean spiralled out of control after discovering Amy wasn’t his daughter, but that it was actually Jack Branning who was her biological father.

But now EastEnders has revealed some insider details about what might bring Sean back to the Square, and the dramas he can expect when he arrives.

Producer Kate Oates told Digital Spy at the recent NTAs that Sean’s return would be linked to his mum, Jean Slater…

“I talked before about us looking at Jean’s metal health through the lens of her physical health,” Kate said. “Obviously we know that Stacey has been in touch with Sean… but Jean doesn’t know that!

“Jean hasn’t seen him for 10 years, so there’s a lot of stuff to play there as well, when Jean finds out. So that’s quite a big old deal.”

But of course a lot has happened in Walford since we last saw Sean – his ex Ruby Allen is now back in Albert Square, and of course the Mitchell sisters are no more…

“He’s got so much stuff to catch up on,” continues Kate. “I mean, does he even know that Roxy has died? How is his relationship with Jack going to be? What does he think about little Amy?”

Kate also revealed that Rob has had a lot of input into his character’s return, something that’s made her excited to work with him.

Sean’s return to EastEnders might only be brief, but it certainly sounds like it’s going to be action-packed.

EastEnders usually airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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