Murder in EastEnders this Christmas? A resident is left with ‘blood on their hands’

There's horror heading for Walford this Christmas as popular EastEnders character is pushed to the limit... will someone end up being murdered?

There’s more drama than ever heading for Walford this Christmas as EastEnders reveals that at least one character will sensationally be left with “blood on their hands” this festive season…

With a year’s worth of storylines finally coming to a head, fans are set to be on the edge of their seats as secrets are revealed and revenge plans are put into motion… but who will be at the centre of all the drama?

EastEnders spoilers - Max Branning Christmas

Last year’s Christmas EastEnders saw Abi Branning plunging to her death from the roof of The Vic

It looks like at least one Walford resident could be meeting a grisly end while the rest of the Square is settling down for the Queen’s speech. Our EastEnders insider told us: “Christmas is rarely a quiet time in Albert Square, and this year is no exception when at least one person is left with blood on their hands.”

But who has got murder on their mind?

Aidan Maguire Mick Carter

Mick’s out of prison, but will he get the ultimate revenge on Stuart?

Mick Carter is set to be released from prison where he has been spending time at Her Majesty’s pleasure after being framed by evil Stuart Highway for his shooting. But will he be the one who is pushed to the limit?

EastEnders has admitted Mick won’t be spending Christmas unwrapping presents and eating turkey… “Mick is finally reunited with his beloved Linda, but with revenge on his mind, Christmas will be anything but peaceful for the Carters.”

Kat’s world is set to fall apart when she discovers the truth about Hayley and Alfie…

Or could Kat Slater be the one set for murder after finding out Alfie is the father of Hayley’s baby?

“Alfie is determined to give Kat the perfect Christmas, but his dreams come to a sudden halt when the truth about him and Hayley unravels in catastrophic style. As Kat’s world is shattered into pieces, chaos ensues with consequences no one can see coming.”

But it’s not just Christmas that promises to be action-packed in Walford, New Year is set to bring fresh drama of its own…

EastEnders Ray Kelly Mel Owen

Mel might be all smiles, but she’s planning the ultimate revenge for Ray at New Year…

“New Year kicks off in dramatic style for Mel and Ray as their wedding day arrives. But what does Mel have in store for her deceitful groom?

“As the bride-to-be puts the final pieces of her plan into place, she comes to a disturbing realisation…”

So which Walford resident will be the one with blood on their hands? Tune in over Christmas to find out!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credits: BBC

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