Is this the end of Jane Beale?

This week saw the departure of a very big part of Queen Vic history, as Jane Beale was booted from the East End by Albert Square baddie Max Branning.

Shocked fans watched on as Jane was forced to leave the square under the orders of Max.

After being begging for husband Ian Beale to move away from the square with her, Max, played by Jake Wood, had refused on orders of his boss James Willmott-Brown– leaving to Jane depart from Eastenders alone.

As her cab pulls away, Jane finally lets slip to Ian what has really happened via a voicemail.

She tells Ian, ‘I’m so sorry I had to leave like that. It’s gonna sound cray but we’re being watched, and I don’t get what’s going on but I don’t know who I can trust’.

Jane then adds, ‘I will ring tonight, don’t speak to anyone till I’ve called you, ill explain everything I know I promise. I still love you, I do love you’.

With many fans devastated over Jane‘s exit, some have become very worried this may be the last we see of the beloved character.

In fact, some have began to question exactly who was driving Jane’s taxi away from the square… *especially* considering she had began to whisper in her phone so as not to be heard.

Because of this, some viewers now have a conspiracy that the taxi driver could have be hired by Max himself-  and are concerned that Jane might not even make it out alive!

One user writes, ‘Is the taxi driver gonna kill Jane?!’. Another shares, ‘Jane beale’s been murdered??’.

One user has also shared their conspiracy, writing: ‘I think that taxi driver was hired to murder Jane Beale #watchthisspace #eastenders’.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the conspiracy, so comment below! Is this the last of Jane Beale?!

Alice Perry