EastEnders fans ‘broken’ after watching sickening twist in Chantelle’s death

Tonight's EastEnders made for tough viewing...

Tonight’s EastEnders has left fans heartbroken after watching Chantelle Atkins’ devastating death play out on screen.

Despite the fact viewers were given warning that Chantelle’s (Jessica Plummer) bid to escape her toxic marriage to Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) would end in tragedy, it didn’t make the episode any easier to watch.

Gray EastEnders

Gray was fuming as he confronted Chantelle about her plan to leave him (Picture: BBC)

But to make matters worse, the cold and calculated way that Gray behaved throughout the episode has left fans devastated.

The special EastEnders episode, which focused entirely on Gray and Chantelle, saw Chantelle finally find the courage to tell her abusive husband that she was leaving him.

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But, of course, the news didn’t go down well, and Gray’s violent side emerged once again.

Chantelle EastEnders

Chantelle fell backwards onto a knife in the open dishwasher (Picture: BBC)

However, instead of hitting his wife like he has done countless times before, Gray shoved her backwards, causing her to fall onto the open dishwasher and onto a sharp knife.

But instead of calling for an ambulance and saving Chantelle’s life, fans were left sickened as Gray realised that the situation left him looking guilty and he instead started to plan a cover story.

Gray EastEnders

A cold and calculating Gray went out into the Square to make sure he had an alibi (Picture: BBC)

Before Chantelle was even dead Gray was covering his tracks, leaving her to die in the house while he went out into the Square to make sure people saw him and give himself an alibi.

Not only did he then get rid of the money and phone that Chantelle had hidden, he even went to the pub to play a round of darts.

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Cold and calculating, Gray also went to buy a pint of milk at the Minute Mart.


Poor Chantelle met a tragic end this evening (Picture: BBC)

But his choice of a glass bottle wasn’t even an accident, using it as a prop when he got home to play out his fake shocked husband role as he set up Chantelle’s ‘accident’ scene.

Fans have been left totally speechless over Chantelle’s tragic demise, but it is Gray’s chilling behaviour that has left them traumatised…

As Gray returned to the house he started to cover up his actions before finally calling an ambulance, but only after he had made sure his wife was finally dead.

With Gray set to play the grieving husband card next week just how long will he manage to keep up his act and cover the truth of what happened behind the closed doors of number one Albert Square?

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