EastEnders fans can’t get enough of THIS hilarious moment from last night – did you see it?

EastEnders gave fans a treat as Ben Mitchell showed his softer side last night...

Last night’s EastEnders has left ‘Ballum’ fans thrilled as Ben Mitchell showed off his dance moves with daughter Lexi in front of Callum Highway.

While Ben might have his terrifying hard man act down to perfection, EastEnders fans have always maintained there is a softer side to him that Callum manages to bring out… and last night proved that theory right.

The hilarious scene came when Jay Brown arrived to take girlfriend Lola Pearce and her daughter Lexi out for a day of sightseeing in London.

However, as they were packing their picnic in the kitchen, Jay spotted Ben in the living room of the Beales’ house giving daughter Lexi some dance lessons to a Little Mix song.

As Jay and Lola spied on Ben trying to show Lexi his moves, the pair were in stitches, and fans loved it…

Ballum fans were also in for a treat when Callum walked in and announced to Jay they had a huge booking at work and he needed to come in.

While Jay was disappointed that he would be forced to miss his day out with Lola and Lexi, Callum was more focused on the fact Ben was dancing with his daughter and was clearly loving it.

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After Callum announced “if I had ovaries they would be melting” while Ben and Lexi strutted their stuff together, fans of Ben and Callum just couldn’t get enough…

Fans also took to Twitter to announce how much they loved the new dynamic between Ben, Callum, Lola and Jay.

So could this long-hidden side of Ben become more permanent as things progress with Callum?

We really hope so!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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