EastEnders fans confused by the soap’s TWO most recent deaths

Things are apparently not as they seem in Albert Square...

This festive season has got EastEnders fans confused as two huge characters have supposedly died, only for them to somehow miraculously come back to life again.

Christmas Day saw Alfie Moon apparently meet his maker as he was shoved down the stairs by Hayley Slater, hitting his dead on a pile of logs at the bottom.

But despite laying ‘dead’ in the Slaters front room for the entire Boxing Day episode, he still somehow managed to recover from his injuries before vanishing into the night with baby daughter Cherry right at the very end.

Last night’s trip to Walford saw something very similar happen as Mel and Ray’s wedding day took a dramatic turn.

EastEnders - Mel and Ray in their wedding gear

Bride and doom! Mel had revenge on her mind…

When Ray discovered that Mel knew all about his other marriages before they’d even left the house on the morning of their wedding, things turned sinister when he found a gun he’d had stashed away before confronting his wife-to-be.

But as bride Mel tried to escape the house after talking things through with Ray, things got very dark when he stopped her from leaving by strangling her with her own wedding veil.

Viewers were convinced that Mel was done for, especially after she had been seen lying ‘dead’ on the floor for a while, seemingly not breathing.

Ray even managed to stuff Mel’s body in the under stairs cupboard, just as Hunter came home to tell him the taxi was waiting to take them to the church.

But as Ray started to crack under the pressure when Mel didn’t turn up to the wedding, he was about to tell their guests that the wedding was off – only for his bride to turn up and walk down the aisle.

As Mel set her plan to frame Ray for bigamy into motion, fans were stunned that she had somehow managed to come back from the dead, just like Alfie…

As Ray was carted off by the police after being arrested for his multiple marriages, it seems Mel might have won this latest battle against her lying husband.

Both Nicola and Maddie, who are also married to bigamist Ray, made sure they got front row seats as he was bundled into a police car – even bringing their confetti along for the big moment.

But by playing games with a man as dangerous as Ray, has Mel just signed her own death warrant?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Pictures: BBC / Kieron McCarron