EastEnders fans are convinced Dot Cotton will be KILLED OFF this Christmas

Viewers are worried Dot has just signed her own death warrant by letting Stuart move in...

Last night’s trip to Walford has left EastEnders fans terrified that Dot Cotton could face a tragic Christmas after letting evil Stuart Highway move in with her.

Viewers took to social media in their droves to warn Stuart away from the beloved character, all convinced that Dot could become his next victim in his evil game against the Carters.

Viewers were left fuming as Stuart used his sneaky charm on Dot, worming his way into Dot’s house under the pretence that he had lost a necklace that his mother had given him.

Eastenders - Stuart Highway played by Ricky Champ

Stuart has only got bad intentions towards Dot… but what is his game this time?

Of course, Stuart had it in his pocket all along, but he made the pensioner go through all her plastic bags, telling her it could have fallen in there while he helped her home with her shopping a few days ago.

He then slipped the jewellery into a bag while she wasn’t looking, and acted surprised when she found it.

Dot fell for the trick hook, line and sinker, and before fans knew it, they were watching Dot and Stuart enjoying a cosy chat over a slice of sponge cake.

EastEnders Linda, Mick and Stuart outside Vic

Christmas is set to be huge for Stuart… but will Dot be part of the festive showdown?

Stuart quickly worked out that Dot’s son, Nick, was her weak spot, and he started to compare himself to the villain.

Thinking she could see the good in Stuart, just like she thought she could with Nick, she was soon inviting Stu to stay!

Of course Robbie wasn’t happy about having someone so menacing in their house, but when Stuart then gave him £500 to go and see his son in India it seemed all was forgiven, and Stuart didn’t waste any time getting his feet under the table.

But fans are terrified sinister Stuart is going to harm poor Dot – with some convinced that she could find herself his next victim…

But other fans have got more faith in lovely Dot, and think that she could be a match for the villain. She might look like a frail old lady, but long-time EastEnders fans know otherwise…

With Christmas around the corner, traditionally a time for huge storylines to play out, just what does the future hold for our favourite Walford pensioner?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC1.