EastEnders fans convinced they’ve worked out who will unearth this SICKENING Walford secret

Last night's EastEnders saw Gray Atkins' abuse against wife Chantelle take another sinister turn...

Last night’s EastEnders saw Gray turn nasty against his wife Chantelle once again, but while everyone is oblivious to what is going on behind the closed doors of number 1 Albert Square, fans are convinced that Keegan Baker is going to be the one to unearth Gray’s dark side.

Fans were left sickened after it was revealed Gray has been abusing Chantelle in secret, leaving everyone stunned that their seemingly idyllic marriage was far from perfect.

EastEnders Gray Atkins and Chantelle Atkins

Gray and Chantelle appeared to have the perfect relationship… (Picture: BBC)

But while viewers are desperate for Chantelle to tell someone about the domestic violence she is being subjected to, it seems Keegan could be the one to discover the truth after he almost caught Gray turning nasty towards his wife…

The drama all came after the Taylor family gathered together to hear Karen’s big news that she had found love with another woman. But while most of the family supported Karen in her new relationship, a few snide comments from Mitch during the afternoon soon got Gray’s back up.

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As the pair got home, Gray turned nasty and started bad-mouthing Chantelle’s family, leading to her standing up for the Taylors.

But Gray didn’t like the fact Chantelle had gone against him and turned nasty, grabbing her wrists… just as Keegan rang on the doorbell.

As soon as Keegan was in the house, Gray turned on the charm, even offering his brother-in-law a beer.

But while Gray might have Keegan thinking he’s a good man, could his mask start to slip, leaving Keegan to discover exactly what he is doing to his big sister behind closed doors?

Chantelle was visibly pleased to have her brother in the house so that Gray couldn’t finish what he started earlier… but will she ever be able to confide in him exactly what her husband is like?

With Mitch, Keegan and Keanu in her family, we wouldn’t like to be Gray when they find out the truth…

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