EastEnders fans crying with laughter at Kim Fox’s hilarious antics tonight: ‘I’m obsessed’

Fans can't get enough of Kim's cheeky charm...

EastEnders fans feel like they’ve been given an early Christmas treat with the return on Kim Fox.

Viewer favourite Tameka Empson, who plays the hilarious character, returned to the soap last month after taking a break, and fans couldn’t be happier to see her.

Kim Fox EastEnders

Kim arrived at the event on the back of a milk float (Picture: BBC)

Tonight’s episode saw Kim as the star of the show as she helped (or rather hindered) Honey Mitchell with the community Christmas event.

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First she arrived straight from a night out on the town on the back of a milk float and still drunk, before then hilariously being sick into an ice bucket while Honey tried to give everyone their jobs for the event.

Kim Fox EastEnders

Hungover Kim made fans laugh as she barked orders at Mitch (Picture: BBC)

Later, as Kim’s hangover wore off, she was then seen leading a Christmas dance in the street and coming out with quirky one-liners as she chatted with her sister, Denise.

Fans took to social media to share their love for the character, admitting she was just the tonic that everyone needed at the moment…

Forbidden kiss

Tonight’s EastEnders also saw Honey and Jay sharing a kiss – just as Billy Mitchell walked in and caught them.

Poor Billy wasn’t having a good day, because earlier in the episode Karen had dumped as her heart broke over facing her first Christmas without Chantelle.

Kim Fox EastEnders

Kim made sure everyone was in the Christmas spirit at the community event (Picture: BBC)

Max makes Linda an offer 

Also tonight, Max revealed that he believed Linda was the one who attacked Ian, explaining why he was seen burying the Lucy Beale award at the allotments earlier this week.

He then asked her to come to New Zealand with him in a bid to escape Walford and start a new life together.

But while Linda refused to take Ollie away from Mick, could she be persuaded to change her mind?

For Christmas week EastEnders will air on Monday 21st at 8pm, Tuesday 22nd at 7.30 and Christmas Eve at 9pm. Christmas Day will be a double episode at 9.10pm. There is also an extra episode on Boxing Day at 8.45pm on BBC1. 

For New year week EastEnders will air on Monday 28th at 8.35, Tuesday 29th at 7.30 and New Year’s Eve at 7.30. There will be an hour long episode at 8pm on New Year’s Day on BBC1  – see our TV Guide for full listings.

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