EastEnders fans DIVIDED after this shock moment last night

Are you Team Whitney or Team Ben?

Last night’s EastEnders saw the aftermath of Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway’s kiss air… but while you could cut the tension between the pair with a knife, Callum is still in denial and got down on one knee to propose to Whitney Dean.

Determined to make a go of things with his girlfriend, Callum buried his head in the sand following his night with Ben and planed a proposal for Whitney.

But with Callum acting strangely as the weight of what happened with Ben hit him, Whitney was convinced that Callum was about to end their relationship.

Callum is distracted by Ben in Eastenders

Callum and Ben spent the night together last week… but Whitney has no idea!

After getting a text from Callum telling her they needed to talk, Whitney feared the worst as she headed home to face the music.

But when she got back to their new flat to see Callum, she was stunned to find him down on one knee, asking her to marry him.

However, while Whitney thought all her dreams have come true as the pair celebrated their engagement in The Vic, she had no idea of Callum and Ben’s secret rendezvous the night before.

Some fans are behind Ben and Callum 100 per cent, and think the pair are made for one another…

But other fans aren’t convinced, and feel sorry for Whitney…

But as Whitney starts thinking about wedding dresses and guest lists, where does this leave Ben?

With Callum still in denial about his feelings for Phil’s son, Stuart Highway is about to get involved later in the week when he sees the pair talking and he becomes convinced that Ben is hassling his brother.

Callum asks Stuart for advice on behalf of a ‘friend’ and Stuart is soon sharing some wise words.

But will he leave Callum to fight his own battles?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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