EastEnders fans DIVIDED as soap hints at shock new Walford couple

Last night's EastEnders saw a new romance budding between two surprise Walford favourites, but fans are torn over whether they're a good match...

Last night’s EastEnders was full of drama at the Slaters as Alfie announced he is going to build them a loft conversion, while over at The Vic, Linda stepped up her vendetta against Stuart by seducing him with a kiss.

But it was something entirely different that has left viewers torn after the Monday night episode. What has really got everyone talking is the budding romance between Jean Slater and Ian Beale!

The pair have been friends for a long time now, but recent weeks have seen Jean and Ian’s friendship grow stronger by the day.

Ian opens up to Jean

Has cupid struck at choir rehearsals?

And last night it looked like there could be romance blossoming at the most unlikely of places… at choir rehearsals!

As Jean decided she was too shy to put herself forward for the solo at the Christmas singing competition, a few words of encouragement from Ian and she was up at the from of the class singing Christmas carols.

Ian and Jean share a moment

By the time Christmas arrives, Ian and Jean will be getting on like a house on fire

But when Honey and Kim also took part in the rehearsals, Jean was left worrying that she had missed her chance, only for Ian to tell her that the best woman would win… and she did!

Jean was thrilled to be given the solo part, and Ian looked on proudly… but as the connection between the unlikely pair grew, fans were divided over whether it was a good idea for writers to get them together.

Some fans were loving the fact there could romance on the cards…

While others couldn’t think of a more mismatched pair…

But it looks like there is plenty more of Ian and Jean to come in the run up to Christmas – so could there be a romance on the cards?

The pair are set to grow closer as choir drama continues over the festive season, and Ian also proves himself as Jean’s knight in shining armour when she is mugged in the Square and he comes to her rescue.

Maybe these two are set to be Walford’s newest couple after all…

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Picture credit: BBC

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