Fans took to social media to share their opinions on the ending of Abi’s brain damage story after she fell off the roof of the Queen Vic

EastEnders has been rocked with drama over the festive season – with one of the most shocking moments being Abi and Lauren Branning falling off the roof of the Queen Vic on Christmas Day after a showdown with dad Max.

And fans aren’t happy that Abi didn’t get the ‘duff duffs’ at the end of Thursday night’s episode that they believe she deserved.

Max was told that his daughter was ‘brain stem dead’ and had ‘zero chance’ of ever waking up again.

Abi and Lauren both fell off the roof of the Queen Vic on Christmas Day

She also happens to be heavily pregnant with Steven Beale’s baby, adding to the tragic turn of events.

But it was evil property tycoon James Willmott-Brown who got the sacred ‘duff duffs’ at the end of the episode – despite Abi having been on the show almost constantly since 2006.

James Willmott-Brown

Fans are annoyed that James Willmott-Brown stole Abi’s thunder

His ‘duff duffs’ were seen after his daughter, Sophie, walked out on him on his death bed and declared that they were no longer related, after the dodgy dealings of his property company, Weyland & Co.

Meanwhile James has only been back on the Square for a matter of months.

Taking to Twitter, fans slammed the show to vent about the ending of the episode.

It’s been a dramatic few weeks for EastEnders with and New Year’s Eve will see Mick Carter go into cohorts with Aidan as they do a dodgy deal for some big money.

Mick’s in need of cash so that he can buy back the Queen Vic – which he and his family will be evicted from on New Year’s Day by Weyland & Co.