EastEnders fans go WILD after THIS legendary Walford pair are reunited on screen for the first time in YEARS

EastEnders fans were thrilled to spot former EastEnders star Joe Swash share the screen with his sister in last night's Dancing On Ice...

EastEnders fans went wild last night when Demi Miller appeared on ITV skating show, Dancing On Ice.

Actress Shana Swash, who played Demi on EastEnders between 2004 and 2006, appeared on the ITV reality show to visit her real life brother Joe Swash, who is taking part in the latest series.

Shana Swash with brother Joe Swash from EastEnders and Dancing On Ice ITV

EastEnders favourites Demi and Mickey Miller were reunited on screen last night when Shana Swash visited her real life brother Joe on Dancing On Ice (Picture: ITV)

But what EastEnders fans will remember is the real life siblings also played brother and sister on EastEnders as Demi Miller was the little sister of Joe’s former Walford character, Mickey.

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Fans were thrilled to see the pair reunited on screen for the first time in years, and didn’t waste any time shouting about how excited they were on social media…

Joe has been impressing judges with his skating techniques, and last night danced to a Wizard Of OZ classic for Musicals Week, but Shana turned up in his VT earlier in the show to watch him in training.

The actor-turned-presenter was thrilled to see his sister as she surprised him with a visit, and she seemed genuinely surprised at how well he was doing with his routine for Sunday night.

Shana even showed off her own skating skills as she brought her skates along, and like all siblings they got competitive on the ice as they started having races.

Shana Swash with brother Joe Swash from EastEnders and Dancing On Ice ITV

Fans were thrilled to see the on and off-screen siblings reunited on TV (Picture: ITV)

Joe revealed: “I was trying so hard to impress her because I know she is going to report back to my mum.”

But despite watching him fall over, Shana only had nice things to say about her big brother: “I really thought he was going to be like a baby elephant, but he is absolutely smashing it and I’m really proud of him.”

Shana’s character Demi went through some tough times during her time in Walford, and after arriving at the age of just 13 she immediately found herself at the centre of the local gossip when it was revealed she was pregnant.

Shana Swash with brother Joe Swash from EastEnders and Dancing On Ice ITV

Shana told viewers how proud she was of her big brother (Picture: ITV)

She ended up giving birth with the help of Walford matriarch Pauline Fowler after her waters broke in the middle of the school playground.

Eventually Demi left Walford with her mum, Rosie, to start a new life in the Cotswolds in 2006.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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