Hilarious TWIST that no one saw coming leaves EastEnders fans hailing THIS character ‘legendary’

Bailey Baker has left fans thrilled once again as she wraps her dad Mitch around her little finger...

EastEnders fans have taken to social media to share how much they are loving Bailey Baker after last night’s (Tuesday 17th December) trip to Walford.

As always, Bailey stole the show as she found herself caught up in the Walford Christmas play drama, but it wasn’t long before she had her dad Mitch Baker and his friend Mick Carter wrapped around her little finger.

Bailey, Mitch and Mick in EastEnders

Bailey saved the day with her story about polar bears (Picture: BBC)

With time running out for Mick to put on his much-anticipated Christmas play in the Vic, Mitch and Mick were busy brainstorming ideas for the script.

But every idea they came up with was either not very good or had been done before.

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However, after briefly getting distracted from their plan planning with an argument over whether Die Hard was a Christmas film or not, the pair were thrilled when Bailey came home early from school to finish a creative writing project.

Bailey, Mitch and Mick in EastEnders

Fans loved that Bailey got Gray to draw up a contract (Picture: BBC)

As Bailey revealed her play was about polar bears who wanted to visit Santa but couldn’t because of global warming melting ice caps, Mick and Mitch realised all their Christmases had come at once and begged Bailey to let them use her story for the play.

But the hilarious twist came when Bailey returned after giving their proposal some thought – but she brought with her some legal representation in the shape of lawyer Gray Atkins!

Bailey, Mitch and Mick in EastEnders

Mitch signed the contract – in return for milkshakes! (Picture: BBC)

Fans were loving the demands on Bailey’s contract that Gray had drawn up for her, including meat-free Mondays and chocolate milkshakes on demand…

So while Bailey has got Mitch and Mick right where she wants them, it is now a race against time to get the production into rehearsals and onto the stage.

What could possibly go wrong?!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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